Resurrection Sunday – The Days After

It’s 1 AM the day after Resurrection Sunday and while I’m thinking about the events of the previous day I realize that, for me, Resurrection Sunday was more about making sure I had a cute dress that complimented my pregnant body and making sure the youth praise team was on point then it was about celebrating Jesus. I realized that I didn’t even get to enjoy the celebration because I was so busy running around during church, calming my nerves down from the musical mess ups we had, snacking on candy to keep me from passing out, and running after kids during children’s church. I didn’t even get to enjoy the preached word.  Continue reading

Allow The Holy Ghost To Do His Job

Throughout my walk with Christ I have noticed that one of the issues we have sometimes is wanting to force the image of Christ on to others, or wanting to force them into doing the right thing. I myself have been guilty as charged.

As soon as someone comes to Christ we want to change how they dress, how they carry themselves, and what they do and that is not our place.

Sometimes it’s done with good intentions because we care about the person and want to see them do the right thing. Other times it’s done from a place of religiousness, thinking that unless a person changes on the outside than they’re not changed on the inside. Continue reading