Freedom From What’s Known – Going From Known Bondage to Unknown Freedom

The difference between known bondage and unknown freedom is the difference between being comfortable where you are because it’s familiar and moving forward into unknown territory where there’s freedom. How many times have we as women chosen to stay in something that we really didn’t want to stay in because it was comfortable, or because we knew what we would get instead of moving forward into the unknown where there was freedom? Continue reading

Being Disciplined By God

Do you remember when you were younger and got spankings? Boy do I remember, my mother did not play. I HATED getting spankings and I would always silently say to myself, if that woman (yes she was “that woman” not my mother when I was being disciplined) loved me she would not spank me.

Sounds like something you may have said?

Even if you didn’t get spankings I’m sure you got disciplined by your parents some kind of way and shared the same sentiment. I remember I couldn’t wait until I became an adult so that I could do what I wanted to do and I wouldn’t have to go through being disciplined by my parents anymore.  When I became a Christian I got a rude awakening. Continue reading

5 Great Ways To Study The Bible

Have you ever found the idea of studying the bible to be a bit daunting? Have you ever thought to yourself, I really just don’t have time to do this and I don’t even know where to begin?  If you have then hopefully this blog will give you the jumpstart you may need to get started.  I have racked my brain thinking of all the different ways I have studied the bible over the last couple of years and also used a couple of resources to come up with this list that includes the simplest ways to the more in depth ways to study . Continue reading

My Journey To and With Christ

My name is Tangiere Jones and I was born and raised in Alexandria, VA. I went to T.C. Williams High School (yes, the school from the movie Remember the Titans, woot woot!), I graduated from the illustrious Florida A&M University class of 2012, and I am married to the most awesome, patient, loving man in the world.

When it comes to my personal testimony, my walk with Christ so far has been a very interesting one filled with a lot of laughs and a lot of tears……. Continue reading

Straight Talk For Christian Women

Welcome to my blog, Straight Talk For Christian Women, a blog dedicated to keeping it real while applying the word of God to everyday issues. I came up with the idea for this blog thinking about women who may need to find inspiration and encouragement to do this thing called “life.”

As Christian women there are so many misconceptions out there of what it means to live a Christian lifestyle and I want to tackle that here. I want this to be a place where we can dig into biblical truths uncut and raw especially when it comes to topics that are generally not talked about during a church service.

If you have real problems, we’re going to find real answers.. Continue reading